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December 4, 2023
December 2023 Message

THIS MONTH’S MONEY MESSAGE: SAVOR Well, we’ve made it. I can’t believe the end of 2023 is upon us. And also: Finally. What a year it has been.  As I turn the final pages of my 2023 planner, I can’t […]

November 6, 2023
November 2023 Message

THIS MONTH’S MONEY MESSAGE: INVEST When you see the word invest, you most likely associate it with financial assets –  investing in stocks, in retirement funds, or in real estate. But what if we thought instead about how you choose […]

October 2, 2023
October 2023 Message

THIS MONTH’S MONEY MESSAGE: RETIRE “Retire? I don’t see myself doing that.”  His partner looked on, dismayed, not understanding the idea of *not* retiring.  “I think I’ll keep creating forever,” he confirmed.  “Retirement” doesn’t look like a traditional retirement in […]

September 6, 2023
September 2023

THIS MONTH’S MONEY MESSAGE: SAVE Extending a trip by two more nights to get a few more chapters written Walking away from a gig with an unbearable partner Traveling to a nearby city to build your network of gallerists What […]

June 5, 2023
June 2023

This Month’s Money Message: Forecast Last month I tried a new exercise with a group of folks in an entrepreneurship course, and I absolutely loved it. (So did they.) Their goal was to complete a one-year sales forecast for their […]

May 1, 2023
May 2023

This Month’s Money Message: Reconnect It is no secret that this spring has been busy. You have probably had to wait days for responses to messages, and if you’ve tried to arrange time on my calendar, you know the lead […]

April 3, 2023
April 2023

This Month’s Money Message: Renew I try to proverbially stop and smell the flowers, although through the winter chill and business of the start of each calendar year, sometimes I forget. April gives me a chance to renew my commitment […]

March 6, 2023
March 2023

This Month’s Money Message: Reflect Time is a funny thing right now. It moves quickly and glacially all at the same time. Several times over the past few weeks, especially as clients have been looking back at 2022 income and […]

February 6, 2023
February 2023 Message

This Month’s Money Message: Gather If you are a minimalist, things are about to get very challenging. In fact, the challenge may have already started with tax form envelopes arriving at your doorstep and tax form emails accumulating in your […]

January 3, 2023
January 2023 Message

This Month’s Money Message: Plan Happy New Year! We are countable days into 2023, and at the risk of starting the year too quickly, I have already started to plan. Why? Because planning helps. It helps me get an idea […]

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