May 1, 2023  • Newsletter

This Month’s Money Message: Reconnect

It is no secret that this spring has been busy. You have probably had to wait days for responses to messages, and if you’ve tried to arrange time on my calendar, you know the lead time for one-on-one chats is several weeks. That’s insane!

Reconnecting with people is too important to postpone.

What’s even more insane is how focused on the work I have been – Sometimes at the expense of focusing on the people I know professionally whose connection fuels my soul. But I have been reminded of the importance of the people through several moments lately, including a spontaneous coffee date, an unexpected professional connection, and watching some of my favorite colleagues share their work at a virtual conference. I probably should have said no to those things – After all, they all took place while I was leading 22 events in 8 weeks and watching an inbox full of unread messages accumulate.

But I’m so glad I said yes. Reconnecting with people is too important to postpone. 

So with that in mind, I invite you to focus on your own reconnection this month:

Know: Three people you treasure professionally that are due for a reconnection.

Give yourself time to identify these three folks. They could be clients, mentors, peers, or someone you met last fall that you always meant to email. Identify your three.

Do: Reconnect with three people you miss.

The reconnection doesn’t have to be huge – although it could be. The spontaneous coffee date that prompted my emphasis on reconnection? It was a two-hour drive and totally and completely worth it.

Believe: Reconnecting with people is time well spent.

 I know you have other things to do. I know how busy you are. I know how many tasks are on your plate. Most of them are less important than reconnecting with folks who fuel your creative and professional soul. 

What We’re Doing

May marks the return of one of my absolute favorite programs to lead: On-Ramp. The Indiana Arts Commission is hosting this program for the fifth year (!!), and this year we are welcoming 40 creative Hoosiers to Columbus, Indiana for three days of deep entrepreneurial work, creative experiences, and community building.

Elaine will also be joining the Unstoppable Singer Summit for a workshop on Setting Financial Boundaries on May 15. Join us for the conversation!

What We’re Talking About

Lately the conversations have been building on last month’s theme of renewal, in part focusing on big picture goals and creative next steps (with one or two tax or systems questions thrown in for good measure). And this month I’ll be asking everyone about reconnecting with their own team of supporters as well.


If you’d like to chat with me to answer your own questions, feel free to find a time that works with your schedule. Full disclosure: I’m scheduling about 12 weeks into the future right now. It’s a busy time!


I hope you are able to find time to reconnect this month, and I suspect the impact on your creative work will be profound. The impact on your heart might feel pretty fantastic as well.

To Reconnecting,


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