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December 28, 2015
Minerva News
This is Not a Blog Post

This is not a blog post.   This was going to be an insightful commentary on the challenges of the holiday season and the moments leading up to those challenges.   But as I recover from my own holiday challenges, […]

December 21, 2015
Arts Orgs
Now That’s a Brand

Small confession: I don’t go nuts over Star Wars. I knew there was a new Star Wars movie coming out last week, but I didn’t know its name.   That is institutional marketing in action. The brand overall is more […]

December 14, 2015
Community Connections

The below post was written by Elaine for the Clark Hulings Fund’s blog and it was originally published in December 2015. Elaine is a quarterly contributor to the Fund’s online publication.   Working in the arts comes with some pretty […]

December 6, 2015
December 2015 Tasks

There’s something powerful about light, isn’t there? This month we naturally start to crave more of it as our days shorten and the darkness lengthens.   Light makes us feel hopeful, happy, and optimistic. It lightens our burdens and lifts […]

November 30, 2015
Gratitude In Action

The below post originally appeared on Barney Davey’s Art Marketing News blog entitled “Mindfulness & Gratitude.” If you aren’t familiar with his work, it’s well worth a visit to his site for a long list of wonderful tips. Enjoy!   […]

November 23, 2015
Events & Media

My most vivid memory of New York is flying into the city late at night after our family had moved away. I must have been eight… maybe nine years old, and I remember so clearly flying over and into the […]

November 16, 2015
Events & Media
Difficult Conversations

Sometimes it’s hard to talk about the world to our children. As the horrors around the world—Beirut, Paris, Baghdad, and more—evolved last week, the news was everywhere. The front page of our Sunday paper had large headlines, which my daughter […]

November 9, 2015
Morning Madness

Lately the articles I’ve been consuming are filled with “starting your day” tips that successful/happy/fulfilled/professional people do to be more successful/happy/fulfilled/professional.   I dream of being one of those people who start every day with intention, possibly a moment of […]

November 1, 2015
November 2015 Tasks

Somehow it is already November. Allegedly. I’m still a bit suspicious.   Nevertheless, I’m going to use my extra hour of saved daylight time to finish a few more pieces of Halloween candy and ponder gratitude in the context of […]

October 26, 2015
Fluid Borders

On Saturday, I chaired a panel discussion on Fluid Borders in Business, Art & Design at SECAC (the Southeast Conference of Arts Colleges) in Pittsburgh. What follows is a transcript of my remarks, and a brief summary of two panelists’ […]

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