December 28, 2015  • Minerva News

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is not a blog post.


This was going to be an insightful commentary on the challenges of the holiday season and the moments leading up to those challenges.


But as I recover from my own holiday challenges, I haven’t yet devoted time to finding the right insightful words.


I will. And then this will become a blog post. And it will be awesome.


But today, it is not a blog post. It is not yet insightful. There are not yet words.


Instead, there is a nurturing feeling; it is comforting. It is a warm blanked wrapped around my daughter and me, her relaxed body weight leaned against my chest. It is the soft snore of our dog, equally relaxed on the blanket’s edge. Something on television sings in the background. The fire crackles.


This is not a blog post.


But it is still pretty good.


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