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December 26, 2018
Pickles & Dimes

¡Katie B Funk¡ is the Program & Marketing Coordinator for Minerva Financial Arts. Occasionally, she shares her food-related financial musings. Find her creative work online here and more about her role with Minerva Financial Arts here. As a recent graduate […]

December 12, 2018
Open Account
Open Account: Mike Sakasegawa, Artist & Advocate

In Open Account, Hannah Stephenson profiles artists, sharing their financial and creative memories, successes, and challenges. “When I see something that matters to me, I just want to tell people about it.” So says Mike Sakasegawa when I mention how […]

December 1, 2018
December 2018 Tasks

Happy December, Folks! Here’s hoping your month is full of holiday cheer. While you are celebrating this month, here are a few extra thing to do to wrap the year up (Haha–get it? “Wrap” the year up?) on a high […]

November 10, 2018
Open Account
Open Account: Amanda Page, Reliable Narrator

In Open Account, Hannah Stephenson profiles artists, sharing their financial and creative memories, successes, and challenges. First up: Amanda Page.   Amanda Page, Reliable Narrator Memory, home, place, finance, wellness, education. Essays, blog posts, articles, workshops, lectures, and live storytelling. […]

November 1, 2018
November 2018 Tasks

There’s something about November that makes me treasure community. Perhaps it is the upcoming season of gratitude, perhaps it is the slightly cooler temperatures, perhaps it is the changing leaves, signaling our own mortality. The past week has been full […]

October 1, 2018
October 2018 Tasks

October is my favorite month. Where I live, the weather is officially autumnal and the colors are bright and vibrant. It’s sweater weather (sweather?) and the air is charged with energy.   It’s also a really great month to take […]

September 1, 2018
September 2018 Tasks

I was in Berea, Kentucky last month for the Artists Thrive summit, and I had a fascinating conversation about the words we use to describe the work that goes into making art. Is it labor? Is it craft? Is it […]

August 1, 2018
August 2018 Tasks

Welcome to August… The perfect month for reflecting. For me, August is always a bit slow, intentionally. With the back-to-school rush and the excruciating heat (not to mention the slow recovery from July vacations), I try to keep my August […]

July 1, 2018
July 2018 Tasks

Lemons get such a bad rap, don’t they?   I thought about this last week when I received a LinkedIn message from a professional acquaintance. Would I be interested in an opportunity, it asked. A very special opportunity? Ugh. I […]

June 1, 2018
June 2018 Tasks

2018 is almost halfway over. Can you believe it? Said differently, we still have more than half a year to go until 2019. Small changes in perspective like that – very much a glass half-full instead of half-empty approach – […]

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