August 1, 2018  • Newsletter

Welcome to August… The perfect month for reflecting. For me, August is always a bit slow, intentionally. With the back-to-school rush and the excruciating heat (not to mention the slow recovery from July vacations), I try to keep my August as clear as possible. It gives me time to think, to reflect, and to recharge for the fall.


So here’s hoping you are able to do a bit of your own reflecting this month. Here are some prompts and tasks to get you started:



  • Update your budget. If you’ve fallen behind a month (or six) on updating your budget or reconciling your bank statements, now is a good time to catch up. Plus, it may give you a bit more insight going into the fall (and your next estimated tax payment!).


  • Clean out your inbox. Do you have a few lingering emails that you should have already responded to? What about any follow-ups that kept getting deferred? August is a great time to clean those up and start fresh for the fall.


  • Review your rates. How do the rates you are charging compare with others in your field? This month is not a bad time to check in with the ecosystem to see how your prices stack up. And if it’s time to nudge them a bit higher, start planning for that change now.


Lastly, don’t forget to relax this month. The chaos of fall will begin before we know it (probably in the next two weeks or so), so take this time–especially early in August–to relax and reflect. And if your brand of relaxation involves a body of water and some sunshine, more power to you. I know mine does (with a rocky beach and a good book).


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