April 3, 2023  • Newsletter

This Month’s Money Message: Renew

I try to proverbially stop and smell the flowers, although through the winter chill and business of the start of each calendar year, sometimes I forget. April gives me a chance to renew my commitment to the aspirational version of myself: The one who really does stop and smell the flowers.

The aspirational version of myself…really does stop and smell the flowers.

Sometimes the renewal comes accidentally: I notice suddenly when things bloom. (And where I am in the Midwest, it is often not until the middle of April when those blooms really start to appear.) Sometimes the renewal comes subtly: A client mentions a new phase they are embracing, even if the phase isn’t exactly what they designed. And sometimes the renewal comes reluctantly: I look back at a week that was incredibly busy and have no idea where the time went, nor can I recall particular highlights.

So with that in mind, here are some things to know, do, and believe as you renew your commitment to yourself: 

Know: How you spent your time this week. Was it what you planned?

The immediate and urgent tasks can take over the reflective and important work if we’re not careful.

Do: Notice the world renewing around you.

There’s a reason reconnecting with nature is prescribed as one of many antidotes to burnout, overwhelm, anxiety, and depression. It is hard not to feel a renewal in yourself when the world around you is actively renewing.

Believe: Life is a series of renewals.

Whether seasonally, daily, or over the course of many years, there are ongoing opportunities to renew, whether that means affirming your path or changing it a bit.

What We’re Doing

You’d think we would have finished talking about taxes given that Tax Day is around the corner, but that’s not the case. April welcomes two conversations with the Dramatist Guild, plus conversations with students at NYU and the Cleveland Institute of Art. It also marks the annual renewal of one of my favorite conversations with creative entrepreneurs through the Lincoln Theatre’s Artist Incubation Program.

What We’re Talking About

Would you believe the conversations have shifted a bit? Of course, there are still a LOT of one-on-one tax conversations, but interestingly, folks are talking about their own renewals as well: What their next steps will be, how they will be different, and what time they’ll devote to them.


If you’d like to chat with me to answer your own questions, feel free to find a time that works with your schedule. Full disclosure: I’m scheduling about 12 weeks into the future right now. It’s a busy time!


Take time to notice renewal this month, whether it is in yourself or the world around you. Noticing that renewal might just help reset your own path as well.



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