March 10, 2014  • Events & Media

photo-12March Madness, for me, means taxes.

I do our family’s taxes each year (shocking, right?), and I tend to do them during the first weekend of the March Madness basketball tournament. It just seems to be a more pleasant approach to the subject. (The tax subject, not the basketball one.)

The basketball games provide great background entertainment, and I can remain engaged with the tax tasks at hand while still interrupting myself for a real-time Cinderella moment.

Also, generally by the first Sunday of the first weekend of the tournament, it is clear that my bracket will not be producing millions of dollars for me upon which to retire.

I may as well do my taxes instead. *Sigh*

This spoonful-of-sugar approach to taxes is one that resonates with nearly everyone I meet (although not everyone chooses the same spoonful of basketball sugar). And it resonated at the Rosewood Arts Center this past Saturday as I spent a couple of hours talking taxes with artists in the Dayton area.

We talked all sorts of taxes: sales taxes, employment taxes, income taxes (and those related deductions), and record keeping systems for taxes.

The discussion was spirited, the examples of working artists in the Dayton area were robust, and as always, the Rosewood Arts Centre was a delightful place to spend a bit of time on a spring Saturday afternoon.

The presentation series continues in June with a workshop on business planning, and by popular request, the fall session will cover pricing. Stay tuned!

Miss the presentation? Feel free to view the slides here: Financial Basics for Artists_Taxes. Enjoy!

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