A&N Extras

Welcome to Arts & Numbers Extras!  This is the place to take what you’ve learned to the next level.  Here you’ll find electronic files from the book, a Reading Group Guide full of probing discussion questions to ponder with your peers, and opportunities to deepen your knowledge through online coaching classes.  Enjoy the business of art journey…

From the Book

Enjoy these electronic files from the book to use as a starting point for your own personal and professional endeavors.

Reading Group Guide

There is something special about the creative community.  We thrive when we support each other, no matter how different our creative outlets may be.  If you are thinking of starting your own gathering of creative entrepreneurs, you may find this reading group guide helpful.  It lists probing discussion questions to use to foster conversations — sometimes difficult conversations — about the business and administrative side of our creativity.

A&N Reading Group Guide

You can always reach out to Elaine for support as well.  She can help suggest activities and resources, and she is always willing to Skype in for a group chat.  Contact Elaine for more information.

Now What?  Online Learning.

A little practice makes perfect.  Check out the online workshops offered through Minerva Financial Arts to take your understanding of these topics to the next level.  Self study courses (with Elaine’s ongoing coaching) are available on demand.

At Minerva Financial Arts, we care about artists and the community… A lot. All our courses are distinguished from others by Elaine’s hands-on, supportive approach to coaching you through the material. This course is meant to accompany your reading of Arts & Numbers and building your overall (successful) creative career. Enjoy!

Goal Setting for Portfolio Careers ($49)

You probably have a goal: To keep doing exactly what you want to be doing without going broke. But what if you could do more? In this course, you’ll learn why the traits that enhance your creativity are also fantastic for building tools to make your creative career work for you. This course references chapters 1, 2, and 3 of Arts & Numbers. 


Budgeting for Those Who Would Rather Not ($49)

What if you could do more than just barely survive creatively? In this course, you’ll learn the who, what, when, why, and how of budgeting, plus some bonus strategies to translate a budget from an arithmetic exercise (ugh) into a planning tool (hooray).  This course references chapters 5, 6, and 7 of Arts & Numbers. 


XLS Basics ($49)

XLS Basics is designed for creative entrepreneurs who want to harness the power of database software for billing, organizing client contacts, managing expenses, and creating visual communications.  This is an introductory course designed for someone with minimal experience writing formulas in Excel.

Want to Teach?

Interested in using Arts & Numbers in your class or workshop?  Great idea!  Elaine prepared a robust instructor’s guide complete with activities, additional readings, and discussion questions. Here’s a sample of the first two sessions:

A&N Example Instructor Guide

Contact Elaine for the full guide.

Discounted bulk pricing information for Arts & Numbers is available from Agate Publishing.  Contact Deirdre Kennedy, Marketing Coordinator, at kennedy AT AgatePublishing DOT com for more information on purchasing copies to accompany your courses.