March 30, 2015  • Events & Media

Public art at Rosewood Kettering, Ohio
Public art at Rosewood
Kettering, Ohio

March has been a busy month for us at Minerva Financial Arts. We’ve presented eight workshops and one two-day boot camp covering everything from pricing strategies to budgeting and taxes.


What’s more? We kept up our work with the Women’s Leadership Institute at CCAD, Katy ventured to DC for National Arts Advocacy Day, and we continued with online learning, coaching services, and serving students as though nothing had changed.


In preparing for such a month – and any month, really – we create a fairly coherent plan. In preparing remarks for Juilliard’s Historical Performance students last week, we had a pretty good idea of the types of questions they would ask, mostly related to launching sustainable creative careers once they complete their graduate studies. In preparing for the tax workshop at the Rosewood Arts Centre this weekend, we knew we were going to talk about taxes for creative entrepreneurs.


But sometimes we go off script.


We ended up talking taxes with the Historical Performance students at Juilliard, and we ended up talking about entity types and strategic planning for sustainable creative businesses at Rosewood.


And that’s okay.


In fact, those off-the-rails conversations make what we do really fun. Because ultimately what we do is in service of the arts and the artists. And if we can be in service of them by answering questions that naturally come up in conversations, rather than sticking to a script that may not be relevant to those in the room, then we win.


And so do they.


So thanks for letting us go off the rails this month and every month.


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