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Columbus Zoo, April 2017

Star Wars has been on my brain of late, courtesy of “May the fourth be with you” greetings last week, coupled with the streaming release of Rogue One (in our house anyway). My wish for you this month is not that you absorb futuristic escapism stories where the good side inevitably wins (though that’s fine too). Instead, my wish is that you will adopt the force of protection within your creative practice. That’s why this month we’re focusing on protection within your creative career.


So what does that mean? Within your creative practice, you need to think about protecting your work, your stuff, your people, and yourself. And we can help you think through strategies to do that. You’ll also be able to:

  • Assess the pros and cons of various business entity types from a liability perspective.
  • List tools for business protection, like contracts, entity types, and insurance.
  • Distinguish intellectual property protections, like trademarks, copyrights, and patents.
  • List tools for protecting yourself, like insurance, investments, and estate planning.


What We’re Doing

To help you along the way, check out our online self-study course this month: To Be or Not to Be a Sole Proprietor. Spoiler Alert: It’s all about entity types.


To Be or Not to Be… A Sole Proprietor

Creative people create. But the “entity type” in which they create can have major implications for taxes, liability, and collaborations. This course provides participants with an overview of basic business entity types, while also covering the challenges and opportunities each pose to creative entrepreneurs. Participants will gain a strong foundation of knowledge regarding the formation, management, and tax implications for each entity. Particular focus will be given to sole proprietors, LLCs, S corporations, non-profits, L3Cs, and B corporations and where each makes sense within a creative career.

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What We’re Taking About

Saving up your own emergency reserve fund is one of the best protection strategies you can have. We talked about exactly how much you need in this post from last month. Enjoy!

Emergency Reserve Funds: What You REALLY Need to Have on Hand


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Creative Protection

With a bit of support and an hour or two thinking through (1) what to protect and (2) how to protect it, you too will be set up with the force of protection you’ll need to sleep well (and creatively) each night.

And that really does feel like a futuristic escapism story where the good side — the side of the artists — wins in the end.


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