July 5, 2015  • Events & Media

Franklin Park Conservatory, Columbus, Ohio
Franklin Park Conservatory, Columbus, Ohio

Have you heard? You got an extra second last week. Twitter, Buzz Feed, and John Oliver were on it. I technically missed mine, although I spent it delightfully this holiday weekend surrounded by friends and family.


It may be several years before you get an extra second, but we’ve been thinking about time management a lot lately… And we’re ready to share some of what we’ve learned in our newest online class. (Details below.) We can’t find more time for you, but we can help you break some ineffective time management rules.


But if you’re ignoring the extra second in favor of patriotism (How about our Women’s World Cup Champions? Congrats Team USA!), we’ve got some independence tips to share with you this month.


Differentiate Personal from Professional

Speaking of independence, July is a delightful time to revisit those goals, particularly as you differentiate personal goals from professional ones. The lines between personal existence and professional projects blurs for many creative entrepreneurs, especially as we find inspiration around us and our work expands to fill every available moment.


Ultimately, clarification between personal and professional goals will help you achieve them more effectively. By identifying goals that are purely personal from those that are professional in nature, you’ll be better able to clearly identify what you need to accomplish each goal… And how you’ll get it. Both types of goals are equally relevant, but the trade-offs may be different. July Goal-setting To-Do: Differentiate personal goals from professional ones.


And while you’re gaining clarity on those goals, why not take a quick moment to update each goal’s status for 2015? July Goal-setting To Do: Check goal progress and adjust if necessary.


Assess Your Budget

You’re halfway through the year. How’s that budget going? This month, in the spirit of artistic independence, is a great month to evaluate and assess your budget. Check-in with your investments, assess your account balances, and compare your budget to what has actually happened this year. A little mindfulness – the result of these tasks – brings a bit of independence… And hopefully peace of mind you’ll carry to your studio. Your July Budget To-Do: Compare your budget to the actual results for the year.


Lend a Hand

I’m writing an article for Professional Artist magazine now, and in conducting my research, I was struck by how many artists rave about the artistic community. Whether you are enjoying complete artistic freedom or riding the highs and lows of a creative career, your friends, family, and especially your creative peers can carry you through. So this month, keep your mind open to good advice shared liberally, and more importantly, try lending a hand to those nearest you. Your July To-Do: Try lending a helping hand when you can. Talk about freedom!



To recap, there are a few things you can do this month to find a bit more artistic freedom… And financial, emotional, and professional freedom will likely follow.


  • Goal Setting: Differentiate personal goals from professional ones.
  • Goal-Setting: Check in with your goals for the year and reassess if necessary.
  • Budgeting: Compare your budget to actual results for the year.
  • Assistance: Lend a helping hand.


Enjoy the slowing summer…. And the spirit of independence.



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