January 24, 2013  • Curriculum

What do you know about adventure? Specifically Venture adventures?

I’ve begun one – an adventure, that is – designing a course called “The Art of Finance” for an online start-up company called Venture Highway. Venture Highway is part online textbook, part entrepreneurial incubator, part virtual classroom, and my class is the third in its entrepreneurial series.

The foundation for this course began at the Columbus College of Art and Design, whose insightful vice president asked me to create a course to teach finance and accounting to students and alumni. I sketched out topics to cover in lecture form, created probing discussion questions, and practical activities to relate the topics to artists’ lives in a useful way.

And then Venture Highway helped me put it all together in one coherent form.

I developed more robust content so each “lecture” read like a short textbook entry rather than simply bullet points. I linked to articles and other insightful posts shared and researched by others in the field. I concretized the activities more fully, with templates, objectives, and practices.

Sixty thousand or so words later, the content went live, and the students started digesting it in conjunction with my in-class lectures, live discussions, and ongoing activities.

There is plenty more to be done. There are edits to be made, assignments and activities to refine, videos to add, audio clips to add, and more articles to research.

But the adventure has begun, and I can’t wait to see what unfolds next for this particular (and personal) venture.

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