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If you haven’t heard of Kadenze, you are seriously missing out. Kadenze offers MOOCs (massive online open courses) in arts and technology to learners around the world. By partnering with colleges and universities, Kadenze’s content is top-notch… And by offering it MOOC-style, it is affordable as well.

Financial Planning for Creative Careers from KadenzeOfficial on Vimeo.


I had the pleasure of working with the team from Kadenze this past year (ish) to build an online version of the course I teach at CCAD. The course is contained in one of Kadenze’s “Programs,” meaning the first four sessions are free and open to the world, and the next eight require registration. If your education so far hasn’t included enough financial literacy to complement your creative pursuits, this course will fill in the gaps.


Money Matters for Creative Entrepreneurs

Understanding the intersection between money management and creative fulfillment is paramount to building a sustainable creative career, and this course is designed to help students build and use financial tools to forge their own paths.

The first course covers goal setting, strategic planning for creative careers, and budgeting (because really, a budget is simply a way to quantify our goals). The second course is all about financial reporting and the metrics we manage to answer the question, “How are we really doing?” And the third course covers taxes.

By mastering these tools, you’ll be empowered to create financial systems, evaluate financial information, and manage your tax obligations… all in service of your creativity.

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Registration is open now. The full program kicks off on August 8th.


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Arts & Numbers

You don’t have to do this alone. Arts & Numbers is a comprehensive financial guide for creative individuals… and anyone else with a passion for something other than accounting and finance. This book aims to provide basic information on finance and financial matters for creative entrepreneurs to take ownership of their financial situations, thus ensuring their long-term success, creative and otherwise.

Written in short story form with fictional anecdotes supporting the financial advice, Arts & Numbers promises to be an easy and useful read for creative entrepreneurs at any stage.

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