September 21, 2015  • Events & Media

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On Monday, August 24 I did not post anything on my blog.  That’s a big deal.  It was the first Monday I missed in 2015.  Oh sure, there have been close calls, like the time management post that went up around 11:00 p.m. because of my own poorly managed time.  And there was one cheat, where I back-dated a post that actually went live on a Tuesday instead of a Monday.  But the streak was alive at 33 weeks.  But #34 did me in.


That week’s post just didn’t happen.  It was completely written in my head; and I kept thinking I’d get to it.  But sitting down to type it out just didn’t happen during the week.


It was my mulligan.  My do-over.  My let’s-pretend-I-can-still-do-it-all moment.


Spoiler Alert: I can’t do it all.  But guess what?  The world is still turning.


It’s just a mulligan.



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