November 25, 2013  • Events & Media

IMG_1009Sometimes things will be in the works, and they’ll be on my calendar, and I’ll be excited about them… But they don’t really seem real until I see them advertised in print.

Like a few weeks ago, for example.

While I was attending the Southeastern College Arts Conference, I enjoyed perusing the tables of vendors between sessions, particularly the College Art Association‘s table. The CAA representative was lovely, and she made sure I knew about all the amazing sessions scheduled for CAA’s annual conference early next year.

CAA does tremendous work in educating artists (and supporting educators), and serving as a job forum of sorts for graduating artists. I loved talking to the representative and sharing her enthusiasm. Of course, I was as enthusiastic to see my own listing in the conference program as I was to peruse the list of other sessions (Spoiler alert: The conference line-up is incredible).

CAA’s annual conference is equal parts overwhelming, informative, and empowering, and at this year’s gathering, I have the privilege of offering a special session called “Financial Basics for Entrepreneurial Artists.”

The session is quick — only two hours — and seating is limited, so don’t forget to register. And while you’re in Chicago, look for me enjoying some of the city’s best food Friday night with my family, camping out at the Art Institute most of Saturday and Sunday, and listening with rapt attention to the other presenters.

Session Description

Whether we want to or not, artists navigate a unique world where entrepreneurial skills are increasing in importance. Although the importance of technical competence and authenticity in art cannot be understated, artists are discovering that technical competence and authenticity is no longer enough to build a sustainable career. Artists are increasingly craving information about business basics, including planning, budgeting, managing cash, record keeping and reporting, but often the information isn’t relevant to a creative community. This session will present relevant, useful information on goal-setting, budgeting, and cash flow management in a format tailored to artists and creative entrepreneurs. It will include hands-on activities the participants may adopt for their own professional practices and an opportunity to engage with the instructor during a question and answer session.

For More Information

Visit the Events Page of my website or CAA’s conference page to register.

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