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March 27, 2017
To Discount or Not to Discount… That is the Question

“I got a great deal on it!”   “It was on sale!”   “Thanks! It was a steal.”   You’ve probably heard variations of that theme on more than one occasion. And most of the times I hear those types […]

March 20, 2017
Range Pricing: Buying Wiggle Room

I love quoting a range for a custom project. Whether you deal with flat-fee projects or work on an hourly rate, quoting a range of total dollar value (or total hours) can help your client immediately understand the scope. If […]

March 13, 2017
Numbers Nonsense
The Art of the Punt

At the risk of overusing a football metaphor, let’s pretend you have a goal. (It can even be an actual goal if football is your thing.) You want to keep moving toward it, unwaveringly, without detour. But to get there, […]

March 1, 2017
March 2017 Tasks

“What will that cost?” is one of the most challenging questions to answer for a creative entrepreneur. Mostly because “it depends” isn’t really an answer. But in fact, it does depend. It depends on how long the work will take […]

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