January 30, 2017  • Events & Media

As much as I love January for its forward-looking nature and its optimism, for me it also represents a chance to look back and reflect. Admittedly, that’s easier when there is snow on the ground and “looking back” involves pondering deeply next to a fire with a favored beverage in hand. But really, who needs weather to be an excuse for slovenly reflection?


For the past three years, we’ve done a “look back” on the success of Minerva Financial Arts each January. And every January I am amazed by the constantly increasing number of people we serve. Here’s this year’s recap.

Minerva Year in Review


In 2016, we led 21 workshops in six cities across the country. I taught three college courses and presented at one academic conference.


We worked individually with 25 creative folks, helping each one (or each team) move closer toward their creative goals.


I wrote. A lot. I was too petrified to count words, but we did tally 49 blog posts, 12 newsletters, and six articles in Professional Artist Magazine.


All told, we served 1,180 people last year. One thousand, one hundred and eighty people invested their time to improve their financial health. One thousand, one hundred and eighty people took part in learning activities to confront financial challenges. One thousand, one hundred and eighty people shared their stories with us. We made one thousand, one hundred and eighty new friends.


Indeed, it was quite a year. Thanks for being part of it.


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