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Top Ten Reasons to Learn – Portfolio Career Edition
September 1st, 2016


Top 10 reasons to take Goal Setting for Portfolio Careers from Minerva Financial Arts, part of the Starting SMART online learning series.

  • Because no one taught you how to build a creative career.
  • Because writing “SMART” goals makes you feel stupid.
  • Because you have no idea how to “diversify your revenue.”
  • Because everyone else seems to have figured out how to build a creative career.
  • Because your creativity isn’t paying the bills. Yet.
  • Because you think a lack of time is your biggest problem.
  • Because “multiple revenue streams” sounds like a urinary problem. But you’re pretty sure it’s not.
  • Because you’d prefer to quit your day job.
  • Because building a creative career is much harder than it looks.
  • Because somewhere out there is passive income. But you can’t find it.




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