Upcoming Events

  • Oct 21

    Cleveland Institute of Music: Entrepreneurship Workshop

    As part of the Center for Innovative Musicianship at the Cleveland Institute of Music, this program (and the accompanying workbook) takes CIM students through each component of the Creative Entrepreneur … Read More

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  • Oct 24

    2019 Indiana Arts Commission’s Homecoming

    Elaine is headed back to Hoosier-country for the 2019 Indiana Arts Commission’s Homecoming event. As part of the event, the On-Ramp cohorts from 2018 and 2019 will have a reunion … Read More

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  • Oct 28

    Delaware Division of the Arts: 2019 Arts Summit

    Delaware Division of the Arts is hosting its 2019 Arts Summit, Bringing the Arts to Life, on Monday, October 28, 2019, and Elaine is thrilled to be joining the group … Read More

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  • Nov 02

    Tuscarawas Arts Partnership

    This fall, Elaine is excited to present to Tuscarawas Arts Partnership, located in the eastern part of Ohio. Tuscarawas Arts Partnership, or “TAP” holds a vision that encourages art to … Read More

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Latest News

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