Upcoming Events

  • Nov 25

    Fine Artist Summit

    Elaine is a featured panelist for the virtual Fine Artist Summit where she spent time talking with Miguel Mayher about portfolio careers and pricing strategies. The conference is free to … Read More

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  • Dec 06

    Kentucky Arts Council’s Creative Industry Summit

    Elaine will be back in the bluegrass state this December for the Kentucky Arts Council’s Creative Industry Summit. As part of this day-long celebration of creativity in Kentucky, Elaine will … Read More

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  • Dec 11

    Investment Basics at Juilliard

    Elaine will visit The Juilliard School to talk with recipients of the Kovner Fellowship about financial planning and investing. We’ll cover simple ways to invest and save now, what each … Read More

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  • Dec 12

    Juilliard Senior Dance Budgeting Workshop

    Juilliard’s dancers know steps inside and out, but the steps for this workshop relate to the budgeting process. We’ll cover five steps to use to build production, performance, festival, or … Read More

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Latest News

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November 2019 Tasks
November 1st, 2019

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