Building a Portfolio Career

Personal Finance


“I just need more money” isn’t a business plan, even though it can seem like the simplest solution to financial woes. In this workshop, we’ll review the portfolio career framework to match your own strengths with opportunities to monetize those strengths. After all, diversifying your income—that is, earning income from a variety of activities—can protect your earnings in good times and bad.

Learning Outcomes

After this workshop, learners will build a solid framework for defining how they want to earn money (in the arts and beyond) so they never have to say yes to something just for the money.

To do that, we’ll:
  • Identify the three components of a portfolio career.
  • List opportunities that fall within each role.
  • Navigate challenges within each role.
  • Share examples of portfolio careers in action.

What You Get

  • A clear framework for organizing income
  • 8 Videos and examples discussing portfolio careers
  • 3 Worksheets to help you plan
  • Room to reflect on your own next steps
  • Resources for further reading and an opportunity to follow up with Elaine

Who it's For

This course is best for folks who are pursing any level of career in the arts and navigating income challenges that go along with that.

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