Self-Employed Saving for Retirement

Personal Finance


Did you know as a self-employed creative individual there are special things you can do to prepare for retirement (even if you never plan to stop making work)? This workshop will review the types of retirement plans available to self-employed folks, plus some tips for maximizing your savings so you can fund a future phase of your life… And take advantage of the related tax benefits along the way.

Learning Outcomes

After this workshop, visual, literary, and performing artists will navigate the self-employed retirement choices so they can prioritize saving for their futures – whatever those futures look like.

To do that, we’ll:
  • List types of retirement plans available to self-employed creative individuals.
  • Estimate total to save per year for retirement.
  • Define basic retirement and investment vocabulary terms.
  • List tangible steps to get started.

What You Get

  • 4 Retirement Plan options for self-employed folks
  • 9 Videos explaining the options
  • 7 Worksheets to help you pick
  • Room to reflect on your own next steps
  • Resources for further reading and an optional discounted coaching session with Elaine

Who It's For

This course is best for visual, literary, or performing artists who are curious about retirement options in the arts (especially without having a full-time job).

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