September 1, 2016  • Newsletter

Chestnut Ridge, Missouri 2015
Chestnut Ridge, Missouri


Is “summer hibernation” a thing? Where people stay inside because it is too unpleasantly hot and humid to be outside? If it is, I’m declaring it officially over for 2016. There is a lovely, crisp chill in the air foreshadowing autumn’s arrival.


To that end, happy September! This month, we’re focusing on Creative Portfolio Careers. What does that mean?


Creative individuals will:

  • Identify personal, professional, and creative goals. (But really, you probably already have a few. Dozen.)
  • Quantify goals as part of the goal-setting process. (Goals aren’t just SMART… They are SMART+Q. “SMART” and quantified.)
  • Recognize the categories within a Portfolio Career: Starring role, supporting cast roles, and production assistance work.
  • Create a portfolio career map for your creative practice. (This is a very helpful visual way to organize the different work you do.)
  • Identify personal strengthens and weaknesses, and connect them to career opportunities.


What We’re Doing

Our online, self-study class this month is Goal Setting for Portfolio Careers. It usually takes 3-4 hours to complete, all on your own time.


Goal Setting For Portfolio Careers

You probably have a goal: To keep doing exactly what you want to be doing without going broke. But what if you could do more? In this course, you’ll learn why the traits that enhance your creativity are also fantastic for building tools to make your creative career work for you.

At Minerva Financial Arts, we care about artists and the community… A lot. All our courses are distinguished from others by Elaine’s hands-on, supportive approach to coaching you through the material as you build your overall (successful) creative career. Enjoy!



Creative Coaching

Don’t see what you need? Book a private session with Elaine to focus on your own questions. Sessions start at $90.



What We’re Talking About

Follow along with the topic this month through our blog. These posts are meant to help all creative individuals – writers, musicians, dancers, artists, designers – build fulfilling, sustainable creative careers.


Here’s a sneak peak of what we’ll be publishing each Monday:

  • Portfolio Careers in Action – Some of our favorite examples of supporting cast roles and production assistance work. It really does take an inordinate amount of creativity to build a creative career.
  • The Lazy Way of Setting Goals – Why you need more than “time” and “money” to accomplish your goals.
  • SWOT Analysis: What It Is & Why It Works – Articulating strengths and weaknesses in an effort to better select fulfilling opportunities as part of a creative career.
  • Getting to the Core of UVP –Starter-level strategies for distilling the essence of our professional creativity into one simple sentence.


Other Resources

Still want more? Here are some other resources you may find helpful this month.


For Artists


For Arts Managers


Creative Career Planning

We hope you enjoy this month’s content as you build a creative portfolio career. Next month, we’ll focus on Time Management. Until then, all the best with your financial empowerment…


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Arts & Numbers

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Written in short story form with fictional anecdotes supporting the financial advice, Arts & Numbers promises to be an easy and useful read for creative entrepreneurs at any stage.

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