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Message From Elaine

Dublin Arts Council, October 2016
Dublin Arts Council, October 2016

People can be awful, can’t they? Never has that been more evident than in this political season. Stories about troubled relationships, tense family exchanges, and neighborly grudges fill our news feeds. It would be easy to isolate ourselves in our studios, our offices, or our practice rooms. After all, our work is our own. It serves as our refuge. We visualize and create it, we draft and edit it, and we practice it until we reach performance perfection.


But in as much as our work is our own, we are surrounded by others in a delightful community. And in fact, it is the community that really makes the arts thrive. It is the people who bring community and fulfillment to our work. A painting seen by others can’t reach its intended effects. A performance with no audience cannot change the world. A brilliant turn of phrase cannot affect the world.


This month, we’re focusing on that community with our theme: People. We’re talking about various groups of people that form a basis of support in all areas of creativity. After all, in this month of gratitude, we have so much to be thankful for. And most of all, we are thankful for those around us. Even those who disagree with us. Even those who see no value in what we do.


We’ll explore the topic of People through multiple lenses and with lots of patience this month, and by the end, artists will:

  • Discuss the importance of building a community of support around their creative endeavors.
  • Identify strategies to bolster networks of clients, funders, and advisors.
  • Articulate the value of this ongoing task, given financial and time limitations.
  • Develop a plan for building and fostering communities of support.


What We’re Talking About

Follow along with the topic this month through our blog. These posts are meant to help all creative individuals – writers, musicians, dancers, artists, designers – manage their artistic communities in authentic, effective, and creative ways.

Here’s a sneak peak of what we’ll be publishing each Monday:

  • Building a Dream Team. What does your ideal network of support look like? We’ll break down the key knowledge and expertise it’s helpful to have.
  • Advisors & Experts: What You Need to Know. How much can you get for free? This post offers a few tips for making smart use of your financial resources… While not exploiting anyone else.
  • Nice Working: It Isn’t Awful. Networking is the worst. But Niceworking is the best. Here are a few tips to jeep in mind as you prepare for your next gallery opening, opening night gala, or author talk.
  • A Process for Hiring Help. You know you need help. You may even know what help you need. But how in the world to you hire that help? This process outlines a few key best practices for inviting help into your creative space… in a way that works for you.
  • Your Elevator Pitch. Remember a few months ago when we talked about Creative Career Planning? And you drafted your Unique Value Proposition? Now it’s time to use it.


What We’re Doing

Online Learning

Live learning doesn’t work for everyone. That’s why we also offer online, self-study classes on topics you care about. This month our featured online, self-study course is Employee or Contractor: Breaking Down the Difference. It takes about two hours to complete, all on your own time.

At Minerva Financial Arts, we care about artists and the community… A lot. All our courses are distinguished from others by Elaine’s hands-on, supportive approach to coaching you through the material as you build your overall (successful) creative career. Enjoy!


Creative Coaching

Don’t see what you need? Book a private session with Elaine to focus on your own questions. Sessions start at $90.



Other Resources

Still want more? Here are some other resources you may find helpful this month.


For Artists

 For Arts Managers



We hope you enjoy this month’s content as you surround yourself with people… Lots of them, during Thanksgiving and beyond. Next month, we’ll focus on Boundaries. Until then, all the best with your financial empowerment…


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