May 1, 2019  • Newsletter

Welcome to the sweet month of May! One of my favorite months, it often marks the wind down of school, the wind up of summer, and Tax Filing Season officially behind us. With your taxes filed and first quarterly payment done for 2019, you’re free to ignore your financial health till we hit the new decade, right? Not quite.

Now is the perfect time to focus on your own financial wellness, especially if you aren’t distracted by deadline-driven tasks (taxes, final projects and exams, grant proposals, etc.). Now is a good time for growth, both for your financial wellness and for your community relationships. To that end, here are a few things to take care of this month.

  • Reconnect with your community. You’ve been busy lately (and no doubt you’ll be busy again soon). Now that it’s nicer weather with longer daylight hours, take some time to reconnect with your community. Whether you are attending a festival, reaching out to friends and mentors, or seeing someone’s show, you’ll be glad you did.
  • Update your record keeping system. What changes need to be made to your system in 2019? Did last year’s system work for you as you filed your taxes? Is there a better system you’d rather use? Are there changes to categories you want to track for 2019? Now is a great time to revisit those tweaks, while they are fresh in your mind.
  • Budget your goals. There is plenty of time to remain mindful of your financial choices. Starting now. After all, putting together a plan is the hardest part. Now it’s up to you to execute it. Stay mindful, stay intentional, and stay informed about your spending.
  • Share Your Stories… and share them widely! Financial war stories, business struggles, and the best practices you’ve found to work for you create endless fodder to share and reflect upon with peers, colleagues, and mentors alike.
  • And Finally…Be Mindful with both your financial endeavors and yourself. Your well being (as well as your bank account) will thank you.

Financial Wellness

How do you know if you are financially healthy? It’s the right mix of knowledge, action, and results in a few key financial areas, including spending, earning, managing debt, protecting what matters to you, and connecting money to your real, creative life. Want to talk more about these? We’re here when you want to chat…

We hope you enjoy this month’s tips on wellness and community. We’re excited to hear about your own financial wellness growth this month, and many more to come.

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