June 1, 2020  • Newsletter


We talk about money in this space. We talk about taxes and budgeting and pricing strategies. We talk about how financial literacy leads to financial empowerment. Knowing the language and knowing what to do (and doing it) means you have more control over your financial life.

And with more control, comes more freedom. If you never have to say yes to something just for the money, you win. That is total creative freedom. And that is my dream for each of you.

But it is hard to talk about money and empowerment when safety and security needs are not being met. And goodness knows those needs are not being met by so many in our community right now.

So we can talk about contributing funds to help free arrested protestors. And we can talk about supporting the businesses that are standing with protestors and supporting the larger conversation. And we can talk about subscribing to your local newspaper to support the important—crucially important—work being done by journalists.

All of those things are important to do. And I encourage you to do them. Align your values with your budget, especially now.

And when you are ready, we’ll keep talking about money. We’ll talk about your tax obligations—and probably a bit more about the inherent inequities in the tax system. We’ll talk about budgeting—and probably a bit more about the challenges that come with budgeting. We’ll talk about pricing strategies—and probably a bit more about the importance of understanding your value and demanding fair compensation. We’ll talk about financial wellness—and a bit more about the racial wealth gap that is built on 400 years of economic injustice.

And we’ll keep talking about PPP and EIDL and unemployment and all the other financial challenges you are facing right now. Because the pandemic-related challenges haven’t gone away just because a bigger challenge has taken over. In fact, those issues are embedded in larger issues of systemic inequalities.

But today we are talking about race, and police brutality, and more importantly the fact that black lives matter.

And when you’re ready, I’ll be here to keep talking about money. I will keep supporting you as you navigate the inequalities and challenges of being a creative individual. I will support you as you carve out your own road to success. I will provide information, coaching, answers, a sounding board, tissues, and hugs—all in the context of finance in the arts. And then we’ll build a solution together.

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