January 2, 2017  • Newsletter


Message from Elaine

2017-01_picHappy New Year! I love that I’m not seeing a lot of “resolutions” floating around social media or in conversations for 2017.


Not that there’s anything wrong with resolutions. But they tend to be aspirational and fleeting. Instead, I see lots of creative individuals choosing intentions for the year: words or themes to embody.


So as you consider your own plans, themes, intentions, whatevers for the year, I hope you’ll take a moment to think through how your financial health is affected by them. That’s not to say financial concerns should drive the conversation; they shouldn’t. But with some financial intention around your intentions, you can embrace the financial implications and adjust for them, rather than letting them govern your future choices.


Usually we use the word “budgeting” to talk about financial intention. But that word bothers plenty of us with is implications of scarcity and constraint. So this month, we’re focusing on Financial Intentions. (And maybe a bit of budgeting too.) So what does that mean?


By the end of the month, creative individuals will be able to:

  • Utilize the five step process to budget create financial intentions effectively.
  • Recognize the various times during a fiscal year when budgeting financial intentions are key.
  • Create a budget financial intentions that reflect your values, your plan, and your goals.
  • Evaluate the budget financial intentions to track progress and detect challenges and successes.
  • Connect financial intentions to your creative goals.


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This month we’re running a special on creative coaching. It’s a great time to book a free intro session and learn more about the process.

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Let’s Learn

Need a refresher on budgeting setting financial intentions? Or an overview of our approach? (Hint: It’s not actually about the money at all.) Budgeting Basics is an online, self-paced refresher. It takes 3-4 hours to complete, and at the end, Elaine will review your budget and share some thoughts.

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2017 Financial Intentions

We hope you enjoy this month’s content as you develop your own budget financial intentions. Next month, we’ll focus on Taxes. Until then, all the best with your financial empowerment…


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