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February 2017 Tasks
February 1st, 2017



Snow in Columbus, Ohio

Message from Elaine

Do you feel the love yet? Are you surrounded by pink and red hearts, terrible candy, and poorly executed pre-fix dinner menus? It’s almost enough to make you want to do your taxes instead.


You probably have a stack of tax forms gathering dust on your coffee table. After all, January 31st was the deadline for everyone to send them to you. Ready to tackle them? I promise it won’t be that bad. By the end, you may even start feeling the love… for your taxes. And we’ll help with readings, a free webinar, and one-on-one support.


By the end of the month, creative individuals will be able to:

  • Review the types of taxes a self-employed artist likely must pay.
  • Summarize key deductions common for creative entrepreneurs.
  • Complete Schedule C, the tax form self-employed artists use to report business income and deductions.
  • Estimate your taxes for 2017.
  • Distinguishing income taxes from consumption taxes.


With a little love and a little support (not to mention a few key vocabulary words and some strategies for tackling your taxes year round), the process will be a breeze. We promise. And at the end, you might even enjoy some real rewards… The kind that are way better than overpriced, dying flowers.



What We’re Doing

We’re experimenting with a new webinar format this month. Won’t you join us? We’re talking Tax Basics on Monday, February 13 and opening up a general Tax Q&A for creative individuals on February 27. The webinars are free, which is great… Except you can’t deduct the cost to attend.



Talking Taxes

We hope you enjoy this month’s content as you finish your taxes for 2016. Next month, we’ll focus on Pricing. Until then, all the best with your financial empowerment…



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