December 1, 2021  • Newsletter

This Month’s Money Message: Breathe

Take a deep breath. No really. Take a breath. And maybe one more too.

You’ve done it. You’ve survived another not-quite-normal-and-actually-sometimes-awful year with stops and starts, growth and setbacks, accomplishments and challenges.

In January I asked you to believe that you are capable of achieving your financial goals. In February, I asked you to believe that your spending could reflect your values. In March I asked you to believe in the power of your accomplishments as you completed your 2020 taxes, and in April I asked you to believe in your abilities.

You’ve survived another not-quite-normal-and-actually-sometimes-awful year…

In May I asked you to capture the value of those abilities in your pricing strategy. In June I asked you to believe in your ability to embrace new post-pandemic habits (and boy did you!). In July I asked you to believe in your ability to manage debt, and in August I asked you to do the same with your savings.

In September I invited you to believe in the power of knowing, specifically about your credit history. After all, knowing is always better than not knowing (eventually). In October I asked you to believe in your curiosity as you explored investment options. In November I asked you to believe in the possibility of financial retirement.

And now I ask you to believe in yourself. I certainly do. Exhale. You’ve earned it.

As you check in with your retirement this month, here are some things to know, do, and believe:

Know: How far you have come.

You’ve set goals, you’ve assessed your spending, you’ve invested in yourself, and you’ve adjusted your rates. Take a breath and know – really know – all you have done.


Do: One more thing to finish strong.

You still have a few weeks before the end of 2021. That’s plenty of time to do one more thing to get you closer to your financial goals. It doesn’t have to be big. It doesn’t have to be life changing. It’s just one more thing.


Believe: In Yourself.

You have grown this year. You have progressed this year. You have learned this year. I believe in you and all you’ll continue to do.


What We’re Doing

Exhaling in December in Ohio often means you see your breath. There is a physical reminder to breathe (even while there is a physical desire to stay inside by a fire drinking a warm beverage). This month, we’re exhaling and completing final sessions with Pew Fellows, Firelight Media Fellows, Creative Entrepreneurship Fellows, Creative Capital awardees and more. Plus, we’ve even set aside a bit of time to develop new content for 2022. (Deep breath.)

What We’re Talking About

Gratitude. That’s what has been coming up in conversations with clients lately. They are looking back, looking forward, and taking stock in beautifully grateful ways.


If you’d like to chat with me to answer your own questions, feel free to find a time that works with your schedule.



Take one more deep breath. And maybe one more. And probably a third for good measure. Thanks for all you do for the world. Until next year…



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