December 1, 2019  • Newsletter

It’s the start of December, which means it is time for “best of” lists for the year, lists of accomplishments, and moments of reflection. I’ll get to that too, but honestly, it feels a little premature.

Indiana Historical Society, October 2019

Many of us are crawling toward the end of 2019 feeling equal parts accomplished and exhausted, but honestly, I’m not finished yet. There is still more I want to do before we call this year over. I’m not ready to cap it off yet.

There are still fourteen more clients on my calendar for this month, plus two more trips (including one to Kentucky for the annual Arts Summit later this week). I’m scheduled to attend two more board meetings for organizations I adore, and I have one more afternoon of volunteering at my daughter’s library before the end of the semester.

I’m still helping eighteen students as they prepare for a financial skills certification exam through the AFCPE, plus fifteen graduate students who are putting the finishing touches on their plans for next spring and beyond. I have twenty-five undergraduates in my class who have mastered budgeting, financial ratios, and basic tax planning for freelancers, and many of them are preparing for their first art fair this weekend.

I have six holiday parties on the calendar so far, plus two holiday concerts, a handful of webinars to record, some more newsletters to write for 2020, and some space reserved for planning.

I’m not ready to look back yet. It’s too soon. I still need a few more weeks to finish the year strong, reviewing what I had hoped to accomplish (way back when I jotted down some goals in January) to see if any of my passion projects need a little extra attention before December 31.

The truth is, it’s been a good year. And I bet that’s true for you too. I can’t wait to look back on it and exhale with pride. But I’m not ready to do that yet.

Enjoy the final few weeks of the year and finish strong. We’ll have plenty of time in January to look back on what a great year this was.

Happy Holidays,


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