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Columbus CEO: Business Lessons from the Creative World
January 11th, 2016
CCAD Junior, Olivia Dawson, with Penny Loafer, the Bunny

CCAD Junior, Olivia Dawson, with Penny Loafer, the Bunny

We are thrilled about Elaine’s latest guest blog in Columbus CEO Magazine where she explores how business professionals can learn from their creative industry counterparts.  Take a peek below and keep reading at
Columbus CEO…


All over Columbus, organizations are delivering business advice to creative entrepreneurs with the support of our business leaders. GCAC, Wild Goose Creative, the McConnell Arts Center, ROY G BIV, the Ohio Craft Museum, and of course the Columbus College of Art and Design and OSU’s Barnett Center for Integrated Arts and Enterprise are all working to support the sustainability of creative enterprises.

But as I watched entrepreneurial students from CCAD pitch their business ideas at the inaugural New Business Night event with SunDown RunDown, it dawned on me that the learning can go in both directions.  Artists and designers have a few lessons of their own to share with the business community.


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