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2015 Year In Review
January 1st, 2016

969 People Strong

2015 was quite a year. We served 969 people. 969 people!  Thanks for being part of our community.



Who Were the 969?

Some attended boot camps. Some came to workshops. Some took online classes through Starting SMART.


I worked one-on-one with others, both organizations and individuals. Still more subscribed to the monthly newsletter. Others came to hear my musings and findings at academic conferences.


I wrote three articles for Professional Artist  and shared two contributions to the Clark Hulings Fund. I was interviewed in three podcasts, and we updated the Minerva Blog 54 times.


I also consumed 502 large cups of coffee.  Ish.


Nothing makes me happier than continuing to work with you. Whether you were part of the 969 people we served in 2015 or not, you helped make it quite a year.

All the best in 2016!


P.S. Want to see how this compared to 2014? Check out 2014’s Year In Review.


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