Creative Coaching

Elaine works with one-on-one with clients to build and improve their financial practices… All in support of creative careers. The process is intentionally simple:

  • First, use the link to book a time that works for you.
  • Then, we’ll chat for about an hour using a video-based application (Zoom, if you’re curious).
  • Afterwards, Elaine will follow-up with notes and an invoice.


We can talk about whatever you want (money wise). Common topics include strategic planning, budgeting, tax education, pricing questions, and record-keeping practices. Some clients chat once. Others book a few sessions. It’s totally up to you.


Sessions start at $90. Use the button below to schedule your next appointment or contact Elaine for more information.

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Online Learning

Not able to attend a workshop or boot camp?  Have no fear. Elaine brings her financial, tax, and educational experience and expertise to the artistic sector by providing a variety of online resources to artists and arts organizations interested in building financial literacy.

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Whether you’ve got a couple of hours or a couple of days, Elaine will build and lead a customized financial empowerment workshop for creative professionals.  Artists and arts organization’s rave about Elaine’s “holistic approach to finance” and the “safe, comfortable environment” she creates to enable financial education.

Elaine has led over 100 workshops and boot camps to artists and arts organizations including:


Governance for Arts Organizations

Primarily for board members and executive directors

Budgeting for Goals

Great for individuals and organizations alike

Surviving Schedule C

A helpful hands-on tax workshop for freelancers

Pricing and Selling Your Work

Including some fantastic negotiation exercises… with Legos

Time Management

The workshop focuses on time management rules to break

Business of Art

A two-day workshop for early- and mid-career artists on all things financial


The real secret is these workshops and boot camps aren’t really about the money.  They are about reclaiming control over creativity and financial and business health, as evidenced by the feedback shared from one previous participant:

Thank you for your passion, your enthusiasm, and the impactful teachings you presented the past two days.  You definitely breathed light and life into several financial topics I have consistently felt ignorant about and fearfully unmotivated to delve into.  It was truly a gift and joy to have been a part of this boot camp and group.


Contact us to inquire about availability and pricing.  Information about prior workshops, and other presentations is contained on the Past Events page.

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In addition to Arts & Numbers, Elaine’s writing, specifically business advice for artists, is regularly featured in Professional Artist magazine, the Clark Hulings Fund’s “Perspectives” series, and various other outlets. A selection of her most recent pieces is included below, and of course, her writing is shared each Monday on the Minerva Financial Arts blog.


2015_0906_StrategicPlanningSubmission_ScreenShotDangerously Attainable: Strategic Planning for Artistic Careers” (Professional Artist, December 2015/January 2016)



NewFrontiersInCreativeCivility_ScreenShotNew Frontiers in Creative Civility: The Value of Niceness in the Arts” (Professional Artist, October/November 2015)



2016_0203_PAStudentDebtPractical Tips to Navigate Your Student Debt” (Professional Artist, February/March 2016)




2016_0405_PAMadMoneyMad Money Marketing” (Professional Artist, April/May 2016)





PA_ARTICLEBuilding Your Core Community of Support” (Professional Artist, June/July 2016)




2016-0809PAArticleImageStrike a Pose: Own Your Visual Narrative” (Professional Artist, August/September 2016)




ProArtistCreative Entrepreneurship: Five Practices for a Successful Art Business” (Professional Artist, October/November 2016)



pa_audiencedevelopmentAudience Development Starts in the Studio (Professional Artist, December 2016/January 2017)