Time Management Secrets

March, 2015
Lark Play Development Center (Map)

“I can see no reason to be bound by time,” Jeanette Winterson wrote. “As far as we know, the universe is not bound by it.” And yet, we are bound by it, we are managed by it, and we never seem to have enough of it.

Fueled by frustration on the existing research and strategies for time management (Example: “Just get up earlier!”), this session explores the shortcomings in time management tips and tricks, particularly for creative individuals whose schedules often fail to be ordinary and predictable. Activities will focus on using time as a tool for maximizing utils – the utility value of life. Come prepared with an idea of how you spent your time in the seven days leading up to the workshop (Netflix binges and all) and get ready to be unbound by time.

This session, hosted by Lark Play Development Center, will be held beginning at 10:30 on March 27, 2015.  (Bonus points for arriving late.  Time management and all.)  This is a closed session, open only to Lark staff.  For more information (or to be included in a future session, contact Lark following the link below.)

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