The New Normal: Financial Wellness at the Children’s Art Carnival (Part 1)

October, 2020

In this two-week workshop series, Elaine will join the artists from the Children’s Art Carnival in Harlem for a professional development workshop, Financial Wellness for Creatives.

Week 1 will focus on expenses, and week 2 will focus on income, so that by the end, individuals will have a clear framework for financial wellness and apply it to their own careers.

Description: Building healthy financial habits can be a challenge for anyone… And in the arts, we have the added complication of managing cash flow, measuring success in creative and financial terms, and relying on sometimes uncertain sources of income. Especially now.

In this interactive, hands-on workshop series, we’ll cover healthy approaches to identify realistic business and personal expenses, strategize to build wealth, and plan for tax obligations effectively. The framework for addressing these things revolves around building knowledge, establishing habits (and holding ourselves accountable for those habits), reclaiming control where we can, and knowing what to pay attention to.

As part of this workshop, participants will:

  • Review a framework for managing income and expenses.
  • List key metrics to build financial wealth.
  • Identify relevant pandemic-related financial resources.
  • Describe ways of diversifying income to meet expense needs.
  • Draft next steps for future planning.
  • Apply the framework to a creative career.
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