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Taxes for Artists at the Rosewood Arts Center

June, 2013
Rosewood Arts Center (Map)

Join Elaine for a discussion about the tax implications for artists and freelancers during the Rosewood Art Center’s artist symposium in the City of Kettering. The afternoon will include a number of “nuts and bolts” concurrent sessions (including Elaine’s presentation twice!), plus some critiques, and industry news from local arts councils and enthusiasts.

Elaine plans to cover self-employment tax responsibilities (since so many artists forget about them!), income taxes, business expense deductions, record keeping habits and tools, and sales tax responsibilities.

Learn more about “Getting in the Game: Professional Development Series for Artists” hosted by the Rosewood Arts Center in the City of Kettering here. The event runs from 1:00 until 5:30, leaving plenty of time to hang out in the City of Kettering before and after.

See you there!

Update: The resources I presented during the session at Rosewood are available here. Enjoy!