Talking Taxes with Sundance Co//Lab

November, 2020
Sundance Co//Lab

On Monday, November 16 Elaine will join the creative community of the Sundance Institute for a conversation about taxes.


If it is true that the only certain things in life are death and taxes, this workshop will make navigating one of those things considerably easier. Join CPA Elaine Grogan Luttrull, as she reviews federal income tax basics for creative individuals, including how the tax landscape changes based on the type of income an artist earns. We’ll also discuss common deductions claimed by creative entrepreneurs and key aspects of tax law that impact financial wellness, including deducting interest for student loan payments and saving for retirement. We’ll conclude by reviewing some tips and best practices to keep excellent tax records. As the founder of Minerva Financial Arts, a company devoted to building financial literacy and empowerment in creative individuals and organizations, Ms. Luttrull will share her expertise on how to empower yourself to connect financial decisions with your creative goals in this live three-hour online Master Class.

Topics covered include:

  • Identify ordinary and necessary deductions common to creative businesses.
  • Review the overall income tax landscape for federal and state filings.
  • Identify records to retain for tax purposes and effective systems for tracking expenses and income.

Visit Sundance for more information and to register.

More Information
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