Online Course: January 2015

January, 2015

LogoThumb_v3Introducing online learning, brought to you by Minerva Financial Arts!

We kick off 2015 with an online course designed to help artists propel their careers forward in the new year and beyond.

Goal Setting for Portfolio Careers

You probably have a goal: To keep doing exactly what you want to be doing without going broke. But what if you could do more? In this course, you’ll learn why the traits that enhance your creativity are also fantastic for building tools to make your creative career work for you.

This course begins on Wednesday, January 14th, and it concludes on Wednesday, January 28th.  New materials, readings, and assignments will be posted each Wednesday, and Elaine will be available Wednesday afternoons for live chatting.

At Minerva Financial Arts, we care about artists and the community… A lot. All our courses are distinguished from others by Elaine’s hands-on, supportive approach to coaching you through the material. This course is meant to accompany your reading of Arts & Numbers and building your overall (successful) creative career. Enjoy!


More Details

  • This class is scheduled to “meet” on Wednesdays during January on the 14th, the 21st, and the 28th.
  • Participants will complete each lesson (readings, activities, assignments) whenever they want during the week.  (Most people spend 2-3 hours on the course each week.)
  • Elaine will monitor discussions on Wednesdays from 1:00 – 4:00 EST to respond to comments.
  • Elaine is always available via email ([email protected]).
  • Cost of the course is $29.


Visit Pathwright to Register for Goal Setting for Portfolio Careers, beginning January 14, 2015.


Online?  Really?

Believe it or not, online learning can be effective.  (Really!)  The benefits are pretty clear:

  • Low cost.  Think of this as the equivalent of a one-credit class in college or a three-hour workshop.  It would be really hard to find an equivalent in-person session for $29.  Trust me.
  • Flexibility.  Want to work through the materials late at night?  Or first thing in the morning?  Or over the weekend?  You can do that.  In fact, you can save them forever and revisit them again whenever you want.  (Good luck doing that with materials from a live session.)
  • On-demand materials. Did I mention you can save the materials and revisit them whenever you want?  Even over and over again until something clicks?
  • Coaching.  The online sessions are perfect segues to one-on-one coaching sessions with the instructor. Setting up Skype or online chatting sessions is a breeze.

The challenges with online learning are also pretty well documented. Here’s how we build our courses to combat those challenges.

  • “Learning” instead of learning.  Sure, you can complete the course without doing much.  You can probably even complete the course without learning anything.  But that would be sad.  In an online learning world, no one is going to force you to learn.
  • Isolation. Completing the materials on your own time can lead to some isolation. You won’t find yourself in a room full of people navigating the same challenges you face.  However, the online courses designed by Minerva Financial Arts are built with the idea of community in mind.  At both the beginning and the end of each course, participants have an opportunity to introduce themselves to classmates and share contact information.  And you’ll be part of the community of learners
  • Absent instructors. Have you ever completed a course without knowing whether anything you did was reviewed?  This is not that.  Elaine’s approach is hands on.  Prior students say things like, “Elaine is the most valuable part of the course… She is excited to teach others about [these subjects].”  They go on.  “Elaine’s positivity and personality were my favorite part of the learning process.”
  • Motivation.  No one is going to force you to complete the course.  We’ll do all we can to help, but the motivation is entirely up to you.  However, once you get going, we suspect you’ll find your own motivation through the relevance of the materials.


Visit Pathwright to Register for this and all other Minerva Financial Arts courses.  See you soon!


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