Pricing Workshop – CCAD College Preview

July, 2016
Columbus College of Art & Design (Map)

Thinking about going to art school? Wondering how you’ll make money selling your work?


Visit CCAD’s College Preview event to sample a few weeks in the life of a college art student. You’ll choose your major and your minor, you’ll live in the dorm, and you’ll get a small taste of the business programming we offer at the college.


Led by Elaine Grogan Luttrull, the founder of Minerva Financial Arts and the Department Head for Business & Entrepreneurship at CCAD, this workshop will focus on pricing strategies for artists and designers. Need to know what to charge for a work of art? Curious about what your hourly rate *should* be for editing work? Wondering how to estimate a project’s total cost based on your time? We’ll explore those questions and more in this afternoon workshop.


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