Minerva Events

Tuscarawas Arts Partnership

September, 2019

This fall, Elaine is excited to present to Tuscarawas Arts Partnership, located in the eastern part of Ohio. Tuscarawas Arts Partnership, or “TAP” holds a vision that encourages art to thrive by fostering partnerships between its arts, businesses, and community agencies to create a positive impact throughout the county.

In keeping with this vision, Elaine will present three different workshops on a range of topics, including budgeting, entity types, insurance, and taxes for creative individuals.

Today’s Workshop: Budgeting: Five Steps to Building an Exceptional Budget

Picture this: You never have to say yes to a project you’d rather refuse, just for
the money. Understanding the costs to run a creative business is one of the first
steps to reaching that level of empowerment. Plus, it helps you set appropriate
prices and earn enough to sustain your business. In this hands-on workshop, participants will build a sustainable budget to support their creative businesses
and their personal lives.