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Surviving Schedule C

February, 2016
New England Conservatory (Map)


Elaine will be in Boston this February for a guest lecture at the New England Conservatory of Music to help demystify tax basics for students as they prepare to launch creative careers.

During the session for vocal performance majors, Elaine will outline key financial strategies necessary to successfully managing self-employment taxes and common deductible expenses for vocal performers.

Elaine will cover Schedule C, the tax form self-employed creatives use to report their business income and deductions. But this workshop isn’t just talking: Elaine will also help participants translate the expenses they incur (or will soon) as professional artists into tax deductions through an exercise inspired by Richard Hatch (of Survivor fame). Students are asked to bring their real-life examples, real-life questions, and willingness to roll up their proverbial sleeves and dig into the tax form.

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