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January, 2016

SS_ExcelBasicsWhether you are starting your creative business for the first time or restarting some healthy habits, STARTING SMART, the online business learning series from Minerva Financial Arts can help.

This month, we’re covering Excel for Artists through XLS Basics. For this course, start your year off right with some basic Excel skills to build your creative system for expenses and income.

XLS Basics is designed for creative entrepreneurs who want to harness the power of database software for billing, organizing client contacts, managing expenses, and creating visual communications.  This is an introductory course designed for someone with minimal experience writing formulas in Excel.

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The Details

Kick-off: January 18, 2016 at 1:00 EST
Participants have until February 28, 2016 to complete the course (all on their own time).
Investment: $49

Course Outcomes

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Write basic formulas in appropriate contexts including SUM, SUMIF, COUNT, COUNTIF, and TODAY.
  • Format alpha-numerical information in Excel, including adjusting column width and wrapping text.
  • Design spreadsheet layouts that communicate numerical information effectively.
  • Build custom charts to express numerical data visually.

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About Starting SMART

Elaine brings her financial, tax, and educational experience and expertise to the artistic sector by providing a variety of online resources to artists and arts organizations interested in building financial literacy.

At Minerva Financial Arts, we care about artists… A lot.  Our courses are distinguished from others by Elaine’s hands-on, supportive approach to coaching students through the material. Think of these courses as one-on-one coaching, with a bit of online learning mixed in.

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