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Recordkeeping Webinar

June, 2017

Join Minerva’s (free!) monthly webinar on June 19th to talk records: What you need to keep and why you need to keep them, plus some killer strategies for keeping them well.


The Details

Do you need to save every receipt? Can you save records digitally? How long do you have to save your information? Record-keeping can be a challenge for any freelancer, and for creative entrepreneurs, it can be particularly onerous. This one-hour webinar will provide a few tips that can help. We’ll cover the basics of recordkeeping, including what you have to keep and how you have to keep it, and of course, we’ll end by connecting record-keeping strategies to your own creative goals. Because after all, that’s why we do this.



Monday, June 19, 2017, 1:00 EDT


What Does It Cost?

It’s free, silly. The webinars are always free.


Who Should Go?

Our webinars focus on creative entrepreneurs: Artists, writers, designers, musicians, and dancers.


How Do I Register?

Follow this link to snag your spot. By registering, you’ll also have access to listen to the recorded webinar later.


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