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Pricing Strategies for Entrepreneurial Playwrights

May, 2015
Lark Play Development Center (Map)

As playwrights become more entrepreneurial, discussions about pricing art and time have become more common. However, many creative entrepreneurs lack the basic vocabulary and economic understanding to participate in those conversations comfortably.

Four factors—cost, competition, customers, and competencies—affect the price for a creative entrepreneur’s work or time. This workshop will outline the science behind each factor and assist participants in developing pricing strategies to enhance their own practices. Participants will be encouraged to consider examples of their own pricing conundrums (workshops, editing work, teaching hours) to complete the hands-on pricing activities.

By addressing each factor relevantly in a hands-on context as part of the workshop, participants will leave armed with financial empowerment and the confidence to carry that empowerment back to their writing groups, board rooms, teaching sessions, and workshops.

This session, hosted by Lark Play Development Center in partnership with Playwrights of New York will be held on May 15th from 9:00 to 10:30.

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