Minerva Events

NCIF/Tamarack Foundation Webinar Series

August, 2019

Founded in 2000, The Tamarack Foundation was created to foster artisan entrepreneurship and preserve the unique cultural history of West Virginia. Through the generosity of the Natural Capital Investment Fund, Elaine will present three webinars in July, August, and September that will focus on Financial Wellness, Budgeting, and Portfolio Careers.

Today’s Webinar: Financial Wellness
Having complete creative freedom means you never have to say yes to something you’d
rather refuse, just for the money. And if you are financially empowered, you can do just
that. In this kick-off webinar, the first of a three-part series, we’ll unpack the definition of
financial empowerment, identify the five financial metrics you should pay close attention
to, and review actionable steps you can take to boost your own financial wellness.