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AICAD +B: The Business of Art & Design

November, 2014
CCAD (Map)

During the 2014 AICAD Symposium hosted by CCAD, Elaine Grogan Luttrull will be presenting the outline of a new program to infuse business curriculum into art and design schools.  This session, part of a broader panel discussion on pedagogical complements, will feature the roll out of +B.


Through Elaine’s presentation (and the +B program more broadly), members of AICAD schools will understand the curricular changes we’ve adopted to incorporate business topics into the overall student experience.  They will leave with tangible, practical examples of the incorporation, and be called to join in the collaborative nature of the +B project to elevate the business savvy of all our students.


The session will take place on CCAD’s campus at 11:00 on Friday, November 7, 2014.  Make plans to attend the entire symposium; you won’t regret it!


Not familiar with AICAD?  It is the Association of Independent Colleges of Art & Design.

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