In addition to Arts & Numbers, Elaine’s writing, specifically business advice for artists, is regularly featured in Professional Artist magazine, the Clark Hulings Fund’s “Perspectives” series, and various other outlets. A selection of her most recent pieces is included below.


2015_0906_StrategicPlanningSubmission_ScreenShotDangerously Attainable: Strategic Planning for Artistic Careers” (Professional Artist, December 2015/January 2016)



NewFrontiersInCreativeCivility_ScreenShotNew Frontiers in Creative Civility: The Value of Niceness in the Arts” (Professional Artist, October/November 2015)



2016_0203_PAStudentDebtPractical Tips to Navigate Your Student Debt” (Professional Artist, February/March 2016)




2016_0405_PAMadMoneyMad Money Marketing” (Professional Artist, April/May 2016)





PA_ARTICLEBuilding Your Core Community of Support” (Professional Artist, June/July 2016)




2016-0809PAArticleImageStrike a Pose: Own Your Visual Narrative” (Professional Artist, August/September 2016)




ProArtistCreative Entrepreneurship: Five Practices for a Successful Art Business” (Professional Artist, October/November 2016)



pa_audiencedevelopmentAudience Development Starts in the Studio (Professional Artist, December 2016/January 2017)