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How It Works

You do an incredible job working with creative individuals or organizations, but you don’t always have the expertise you need, especially when it comes to money. That’s where we can help.

It turns out we are really good at helping individuals and organizations become better at managing financial health. We’ve done this a lot (hundreds of times in fact), and we can work with you to build a program that best suits your needs.


What Kind of Program Should We Host?

Good question. We can build whatever program will best suit your needs and the needs of those you serve. But here are some common sessions that others have found helpful.


Great for individuals and organizations alike to connect a budget to real, attainable goals


A helpful hands-on tax workshop for freelancers that covers the basics of ordinary and necessary business deductions


Behavioral finance strategies for pricing work or time, including some fantastic negotiation exercises… with Legos


Tracking and focusing exercises to realistically build a schedule that works to manage your (limited and unpredictable) time


Multi-day workshops for creative individuals on all things financial


Primarily for board members and executive directors to learn about fiscal responsibilities and effective dashboard reporting

Check out the full list on the Past Events page.

How Long Do the Workshops Last?

There is definitely a range. Some workshops work well with two hours. Others (like the intensives) last for two or three days. Still others fit somewhere in between. You know your group best. We can develop a hands-on, active workshop curriculum that accomplishes your goals within the time you have.


Where Do We Go?

We’ve been to New York, Boston, Washington DC, Ashland, Madison, Cleveland, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Bowling Green, Perrysburgh, New Orleans, Miami, Orlando, Pine Ridge, and Ulaan Baatar. And we love them all.


Do People Like Them?

People love these workshops. Elaine has a unique approach to teaching, as evidenced by the rave reviews her workshops receive.

“My gosh, what a tremendous, invaluable resource you are! I’m still trying to wrap my brain around it. I’ll get there. We’ll all get there, and in no small part thanks to you.”


“Thank you for your passion, your enthusiasm, and the impactful teachings you presented the past two days. You definitely breathed light and life into several financial topics I have consistently felt ignorant about and fearfully unmotivated to delve into. It was truly a gift and joy to have been a part of this boot camp and group.”


“Elaine’s approach in elaborating on budgeting concepts that gave me a deeper understanding of how financial planning leads to stability and freedom.

Elaine was very good at guiding us through the most vital parts of running a business. The information provided was invaluable and easy to understand through the visuals provided.”


“Elaine was masterful at creating a safe place for people… quickly!! and encouraging participation and naming fears and moving past them. It was frankly unbelievable how quickly she did all that.”


“This workshop was a fantastic use of my time. I feel inspired to be more proactive in seeking out opportunities and more confident about being successful!”


“Elaine was an incredible instructor with a real knack for understanding artists and the struggles we often go through with understanding the business side of everything.”


“It’s 5 days after the weekend ended and I’m still flying high! The workshop with Elaine was exactly what I needed, at the right time, in the right format!”

The real secret to success is that Elaine’s approach isn’t really about the money.  It is about reclaiming control over creativity and financial and business health. We just happen to do it through a financial lens.



Workshop pricing is based on a daily rate of $2,000. But don’t worry. We can work with your budget. (But you probably knew that.)


Let’s Do This

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