Creative Coaching

How It Works

Part financial therapy, part financial education, these one-on-one sessions are built to improve your own financial health. You share your concerns. We’ll help you resolve them.

Each session includes supportive, informative conversations complete with follow-up notes and next steps. There’s no judgment here. Just creative empowerment through financial literacy.

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What Should I Talk About?

Good question. We can talk about whatever you want… But these are some of the most common topics.

  • Budgeting — How can I be more mindful about my money? Does it have to be budgeting?
  • Strategic Planning — How can I plan when I have no idea what’s coming next? Does what I’m doing make sense?
  • Record Keeping — What system should I use? How can I use Excel more effectively?
  • Pricing — What should I charge for my work or my time?
  • Entity Type — Should I form an LLC? Or is a sole proprietorship okay?
  • Reaching Customers — How can I better reach those I want to serve?
  • Taxes — Is _____________ deductible?


How Often Do We Talk?

As often as you want. Some people book one session to answer all their questions en masse. Others like to chat monthly. Still others need four or five sessions to “jump start” their creative practices, with a follow-up every six months or so. It’s totally up to you.


Where Do I Go?

You can stay home in your pajamas. Our video-based chat system (thanks, Zoom!) means we can chat anytime, anywhere.

If you really want to meet in person, though, come hang out with us in Columbus, Ohio:

400 West Rich  |  Suite 253



Each session is $110. That’s it. We’re not trying to complicate things. We’ll send an invoice following the session.


Let’s Do This

Find a time that works with your schedule using the button below. We’ll see you soon.

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