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IAC Homecoming Session: Financial Planning in Chaos

October, 2020

This year, the Indiana Arts Commission is hosting its annual Homecoming event virtually, and Elaine will join the group on Wednesday, October 14 to talk about financial planning in chaos, and what that can look like for artists and organizations alike.

Title: Financial Planning in Chaos: Strategies for Artists & Organizations

Description: We know financial planning can feel more challenging than ever this year. Between the dismal income climate and the uncertainty of the pandemic, budgeting and planning can feel futile. In this webinar, we’ll review the financial landscape based on the most recent data and legislation and share some strategies to help organizations and individuals manage the uncertainty. A substantial amount of time will also be devoted to answering questions from participants. As part of the webinar, we’ll:

  • Describe the current revenue and income outlook for the arts industry.
  • Review strategies for strategic cost management.
  • Identify scenarios to assist with financial planning.
  • Answer participant questions.
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